Super Ace Excitement – Your Ultimate Casino Destination

Introducing Super Ace, a captivating slot game crafted in the timeless card style by Jili Games. In this slot adventure, the primary symbols are inspired by classic card suits, complemented by the familiar Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol has the power to substitute for all other symbols, except the Scatter.

Super Ace

Embark on an exhilarating journey as 3 Scatter symbols unveil a gateway to 10 free spins. Throughout this bonus round, the potential for additional free spins arises, coupled with the chance to multiply your winnings anywhere from 2 to 10 times! Unlike regular gameplay where the multiplier ranges from 1 to 5 times your winnings, the free spins feature boasts a doubled multiplier for an even more thrilling experience.

Super Ace Slot Overview

Explore the thrilling Super Ace Slot by Jili, a captivating video slot game featuring 1024 paylines across 5 reels. With a minimum coin size of 0.1 and a maximum coin size of 1000, players have a wide range of betting options to suit their preferences.

Super Ace Slot Overview

One of the key factors that players often consider when choosing a slot game is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. In the case of Super Ace Slot, the RTP stands at an impressive 96.85%. This indicates the theoretical percentage of wagered money that a player can expect to receive back over the long term.

How to Engage in Super Ace Slot Action

Discover the ins and outs of playing Super Ace by delving into our comprehensive guide. From grasping the game mechanics to navigating bet placement, paylines, and reel spins, we’ve got you covered.

How to Engage in Super Ace Slot Action

Grasping the Game Mechanics

To play Super Ace with finesse, it’s crucial to comprehend the game mechanics. This section breaks down the intricacies, providing a comprehensive understanding of how the game operates and what you can anticipate.

Bet Placement and Paylines

Before immersing yourself in the gameplay, let’s delve into the intricacies of placing your bet and comprehending paylines. Mastering these elements is key to optimizing your winning potential. Here are the pivotal components to consider:

  • Paytable Insight: The paytable acts as a vital guide, detailing potential payouts for diverse winning combinations. It showcases rewards for landing specific symbols or achieving specific outcomes. Familiarize yourself with the paytable to devise effective betting strategies.
  • System Settings Exploration: Within the Super Ace slot game, various system settings allow you to tailor your gaming experience. These settings may include options to tweak sound effects, toggle fullscreen mode, or adjust visual preferences. Take a moment to explore and personalize these settings based on your preferences.
  • Bet Adjustment Mastery: The ability to adjust your bet is a critical facet of the Super Ace slot game. This feature empowers you to regulate the amount wagered per spin. Deliberate on your betting strategy and fine-tune the bet size to align with your budget and risk tolerance.
  • Autoplay Convenience: Super Ace caters to players seeking a more automated experience with its autoplay feature. This function permits you to set the game to automatically spin the reels for a predetermined number of times, eliminating the need for manual intervention. It’s a convenient option for those desiring game enjoyment without constant manual clicking.
  • Payline Configuration: Activating more paylines enhances your winning opportunities.

Spinning the Reels

Now that you’ve grasped the game mechanics, bet placement nuances, and payline intricacies, it’s time to set the reels in motion and embark on your Super Ace slot escapade.

Unique Game Features of Super Ace Slot

Explore the distinctive game features of Super Ace, including the Wild symbol, Scatter and Free Spins, Joker Card, Combo Multiplier, and the captivating slot theme with visuals. Ready to delve deeper? Let’s unravel each of these features below!

Unique Game Features of Super Ace Slot

Wild Symbol

In the Super Ace Slot Game, the Wild symbol takes the form of a golden card, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4. When activated, it transforms into a Joker symbol. This versatile symbol can substitute for any regular symbol, excluding the Scatter symbol, aiding in the creation of winning combinations.

Scatter and Free Spins

Trigger the Free Spins feature in Super Ace Slot Game by landing three Scatter symbols on the reels. This rewards you with ten free spins, accompanied by an escalating progressive win multiplier. The Free Spins feature provides an excellent opportunity to amass more wins, amplifying your overall payouts.

Joker Card

The Joker Card injects an extra layer of excitement into the Super Ace Slot Game, existing in two forms: the Big Joker Card and the Little Joker Card. Upon eliminating a Golden Symbol, it transforms into a Joker Symbol.

The Big Joker Card replaces 1 to 4 symbols randomly chosen from reels 2 to 5, excluding the Scatter and Joker symbols. Meanwhile, the Little Joker Card transforms only the Golden Symbol into a Joker Symbol. These Joker Symbols act as substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter, heightening the probability of forming winning combinations.

Combo Multiplier

Super Ace Slot Game introduces a Combo Multiplier that elevates your winnings. With four levels – x1, x2, x3, and x5 in the normal game – all wins and payouts are multiplied by the current Combo Multiplier level.

Starting at x1 for the initial elimination of wins, the multiplier progresses to x2, x3, and eventually x5 with consecutive eliminations. The Combo Multiplier injects an exhilarating element into the gameplay, amplifying your potential rewards.

Slot Theme and Visuals

Super Ace Slot Game boasts a captivating card-themed slot adorned with unique visuals. Featuring original card illustrations as icons, accompanied by brief yet entertaining animations and an abstract background, the theme immerses players in a world of cards and excitement.

5 Winning Strategies for Super Ace Slot

Mastering the art of winning at Super Ace slot involves employing strategic techniques that maximize your chances of success. From comprehending the game mechanics to utilizing symbols effectively and managing your bankroll, these five techniques are essential for an enhanced gaming experience.

5 Winning Strategies for Super Ace Slot

Understand the Game Mechanics

Start by acquainting yourself with the game mechanics detailed in the previous section on “How to play Super Ace Slot Game.” This knowledge encompasses understanding the paytable, exploring betting options, and grasping special features. This foundational understanding will serve as the bedrock for developing a winning strategy.

Utilize the Wild and Joker Symbols

Harness the power of the wild and joker symbols in Super Ace Slot Game, as they play a pivotal role in crafting winning combinations. The golden versions of playing card suits act as wild symbols, capable of replacing missing basic symbols. Additionally, both big and small joker symbols can contribute to winning lines by substituting for other symbols, excluding the scatter.

Leverage the Combo Multiplier

Optimize your winnings by capitalizing on the Combo Multiplier feature in Super Ace Slot Game. This feature significantly enhances payouts as consecutive wins are achieved. Strive for multiple wins in succession to progress through higher multiplier levels, multiplying your earnings and adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Activate the Free Spins Game

Unleash the potential for greater wins by landing three scatter symbols, triggering the Free Spins Game in Super Ace Slot. This bonus round introduces an amplified progressive win multiplier, elevating the overall winning potential. Keep a vigilant eye on scatter symbols to unlock free spins, extending your gameplay with enhanced rewards.

Manage Your Bankroll

Implement effective bankroll management strategies to prolong your gaming sessions and increase the likelihood of success. Establish a budget for each gaming session and adhere to it. Adjust your bet size based on both your bankroll and the game’s volatility, ensuring you maintain financial control for a more enjoyable and sustainable gaming experience. By managing your bankroll wisely, you set the stage for prolonged and successful gameplay at Super Ace Slot.


Super Ace Slot offers 1024 paylines across 5 reels, providing players with numerous ways to win.

The RTP for Super Ace Slot stands at an impressive 96.85%, indicating the theoretical percentage of wagered money that players can expect to receive back over the long term.

Explore the comprehensive guide provided to understand the game mechanics, bet placement, paylines, and reel spins.

Paytable Insight, System Settings Exploration, Bet Adjustment Mastery, Autoplay Convenience, and Payline Configuration are pivotal components to consider.

Super Ace includes features like Wild Symbol, Scatter and Free Spins, Joker Card, Combo Multiplier, and a captivating card-themed slot theme with visuals.


In conclusion, Super Ace Slot at Gold99 Casino offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience with its captivating card-themed design and innovative features such as the Combo Multiplier and Free Spins. With a user-friendly interface, detailed guides, and a high RTP percentage, players can enjoy a dynamic gameplay experience while mastering winning strategies, making Super Ace an ultimate destination for both casual and seasoned slot enthusiasts.

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