Playing by the Rules – Dive into Our Casino Terms and Conditions

The content on the Gold99 casino website, which can be accessed at, is an exclusive creation owned by Gold99 casino and is protected by copyright. Specific features on the website may be accompanied by additional guidelines, terms, or rules, which are considered integral to these Terms.

Terms and conditions

These Terms of Use establish the legally binding terms and conditions governing your utilization of the website. By logging in, you acknowledge your agreement to these terms and assert that you possess the authority and capability to accept them. Access to the site is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years old. If you do not agree with any aspect of these terms, kindly refrain from logging in or using the website.

Terms and Conditions – Betting Regulations

Betting Regulations

When a player accesses any section of the Gold99 website or application, they are automatically bound by: 

(i) the subsequent terms and conditions; 

(ii) the privacy policy provisions outlined on the website; and 

(iii) the regulations pertaining to betting or gaming products (commonly referred to as “terms”), signifying acceptance and comprehension of all stipulations.

The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service periodically. All modifications will be published on the website, and the most recently updated terms can be found on this platform. Should any alterations to the Terms prove unacceptable to the Player, they are required to cease using the Site and/or close their account. However, continuing to use the website following the implementation of changes to these terms and conditions will be construed as acceptance of the modifications.

Players must acknowledge and consent that accessing and/or using the website, including any or all of the products it offers, may contravene the laws of certain countries (e.g., the United States). The Player assumes responsibility for ensuring that their access to the website aligns with the applicable laws in their jurisdiction and is accountable for confirming the legality of gaming activities within their place of residence.

Account Registration

To apply for an account, all individuals must be a minimum of 18 years old to engage in betting or register on this website. Simultaneously, the website retains the authority to request proof of age from customers and suspend the client’s account until the necessary information is provided. This website is committed to handling underage gaming and promoting responsible gaming practices.

Account Registration

All details submitted during the registration process on the website must be accurate and comprehensive; otherwise, the account will be subject to suspension. All bets placed before the account is frozen, irrespective of the outcome, will be considered valid.

Each member’s account, IP address, phone number, email, and bank account are permitted for single use only. In the case of duplicate registrations using the same IP address, Gold99 reserves the right to void all offers and point balances.

During promotional periods, members are prohibited from making changes to any data, such as name, surname, bank name, or bank account number, without prior notice. Any discovered alterations will result in immediate disqualification or cancellation of all credits by our website.

Gold99 maintains the right to modify, alter, or terminate promotions at any given time without prior notice.

Account Details

When registering on this website, players have the liberty to select their own username and password. It is imperative for players to maintain the confidentiality of this information, as they are solely responsible for all bets and any other activities within their personal account.

Account Details

A bet is considered valid only if there are sufficient funds in the account, and the player’s username and password are entered correctly, regardless of whether the action was authorized by the player.

In the event that a player suspects that third parties are aware of their username and/or password, immediate changes should be made through the website. If any information is forgotten, players are encouraged to contact us for assistance.

Upon logging into the account via the website, players can access their current balance and transaction history at any given time.

Account Suspension

In the event that a player wishes to close their account, they are required to contact us. Any negative balance in the player’s account must be settled immediately, and the account closure will be processed upon payment of the corresponding amount. If there are any outstanding bets in the account, the player cannot close the account until all bets have been resolved.

Account Suspension

This website maintains the authority to close or suspend a player’s account at its discretion, without limitations. The closure or suspension of a player’s account may occur under the following circumstances, and such actions will not negate the validity of the aforementioned terms:

(a) The player declares bankruptcy.

(b) There is suspicion that the player engages in fraudulent activities or uses the website for illegal or improper purposes.

(c) The player is believed to be engaging in unfair, deceptive, or exploitative behavior when using the website.

(d) In compliance with the requests of law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, or courts; or if there is a reasonable belief that any of the conditions mentioned in (a) to (c) above have occurred or will occur.

(e) There is a belief that any of the conditions mentioned in (1) to (3) above have occurred or will occur. In the event of the closure or suspension of the player’s account for any of the reasons stated in (1) to (5) above, the player assumes responsibility for any claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses (collectively referred to as “claims”) suffered by this website and is obligated to compensate the site for such claims. In cases outlined in (1) to (5) above, the website reserves the right to withhold and/or retain any and all amounts (including winnings or bonuses) owed to the player.

Website Usage

The performance and operation of the website may be influenced by the player’s computer, mobile device, and internet connection. This website does not provide a guarantee of error-free operation or assurance that the services offered will be free from interference. Any malfunctions or issues arising from the player’s equipment, network connection, or network/communication service provider are not the responsibility of this website. The determination of game results is based on the information received and stored on this website.

The outcomes generated by the company’s game products are inherently natural and random, ensuring fairness and equity. In cases where a player engages in deception, dishonesty, or illegal activities while using the website or its products, this website will pursue criminal and contractual legal remedies. Players falling into this category will face account suspension on this website. The player is liable for all direct or indirect claims arising from their deception, dishonesty, or illegal conduct and is obliged to compensate the website accordingly.

In the event of a communication or system failure related to account setup or other aspects of the software’s performance, the website will not be held responsible for such failures, and Gold99 reserves the right to rectify such issues by removing related products or taking necessary measures.

Gold99 retains the flexibility to modify or amend the products offered on the website at any time for any reason.

Members making deposits in Gold99 must play more than double the deposited amount to be eligible for withdrawals.

During website maintenance, modification, or correction of any website product, players may not use or interrupt parts of the website content during gameplay. Gold99 will preserve the game results before such situations.

In any circumstance, including but not limited to errors caused by unpredictable factors attributable to humans or systems, or variations in exchange rates, the company holds the final decision regarding the outcome of the player’s game.